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GM L1 Miss Genvir 813 42193430

GML1 Miss 959-218 42651009
Daughter of L1 Miss Genvir 959

GM L1 MISS 745 895 42667001

L1 Miss Genvir 218 18342130
Daughter of CH Domino 053.  
Pictured here at 9 years of age.
During her 14 productive years she produced several herd sires for us.  
Her daughter, L1 Miss Genvir 042 is pictured right.


 ​Hereford & Angus Cattle ​

  • Bonsma selection criteria followed.
  •  All cows pictured are Meitler bred and raised.


L1 MISS GENVIR 959 42408015
Daughter of L1 Miss Genvir 042

No other herd in America produces cows like these. Thirty years of line breeding, using Bonsma principles, results in a depth of pedigree that can and do reproduce themselves constantly. The core of our great females is Line One Breeding.

L1 Miss Genvir 042 19170789
Sire L1 Genvir 714 by L1 Genvir 430 
by CL1 Domino 609
Dam: L1 Miss Genvir 218

L1 Domino 569 11938045
The base of our breeding program.

GM L1 Miss 663 -202 42827219

GM Dominette 143 42508978

PW Dominette 479 13234707
Daughter of 569
Pictured at 17 years of age.
Produced to 19 years of age.
Her genetic power is remarkable.
We continue to line breed her family with great success 479 and 431, dam of 053 are 15/16 sisters Her daughter 218 sired by CH Domino 053 pictured right