3003 is a deep - thick - meat machine 
He is out of our 444 bull and the 496 Copper 
Cow- His full sib is the 1029 that we used with great success! He is currently on a pretty set of angus cows and will sire some unreal F1 Bwf heifers - a lot of genetic power goes into our sale heifers !

726 reg. #15881176 is a son of the Oldie line bred bull and our 689 Angus cow 

L1 Domino 569 11938045
The base of our breeding program.

CH Domino 053  15587538
Great maternal sire of the Hereford Breed. Base herd sire for the Meitler herd. We are looking for his type again today and he was born in 1970. His Dam was a daughter of L1 Domino 569. 



 ​Hereford & Angus Cattle ​

GM L1 311-454  42651015 
Son of L1 MISS GENVIR 959 42408015 

The core of our great females comes from Line One breeding from 569.

677 Herd bull is out our 454 bull and our 143 cow registation (42922324) He is a easy fleshing bull that is very thick and has lots of pigment- anyone looking to grass finish cattle this is your bull! Semen For Sale!


GML1 444-1029 reg.- 43226865 a great young sire.

Give us a Call:   Darris 785-658-5208 & ​Clint  785-658-7028

HH Advance 1122  43173155 
Son of HH Advance 8050U.  He is 2011 Model and proved himself at Upstream Ranch with great daughters.

GM L1 244-444  42651016  
Son of GM L1 Miss 959-218 
479 Cow Family - 3 Times 
479 - 431 - 15/16 sisters - 12 Times 
053 - 9 Times 569 - 20 Times
View Extended pedigree of GM L1 244-444