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"Meitler genetics continue to be a bright spot for our herd. The maternal characteristics passed on by the Meitler bulls are exciting to see with each new calf crop that hits the ground. We have noticed the excellent udder quality and structure of the females we have retained in our operation. Females sired by a Meitler bull stand out in our herd and stand at the top of the list when it comes time to make the decision of which heifers to keep. As those heifers mature, they turn into excellent cows and maintain an excellent udder while raising a quality calf. I know I am headed down the right direction and look forward to future Meitler bull purchases." Scott Hatfield, Heritage Herefords, LLC Williamsburg, Kansas. 

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MEITLER Customers Testimonials



Dr. Ron and Dr. Cindy Feldcamp DVM.  
Integrity, accountability and top end cattle in the Bonsma tradition are the reasons we use Meitler genetics on our ranch. His line breeding program assures predictability and maximizes hybrid vigor when crossed on our commercial red angus cows. If Meitler bulls can be summed up in one word, it would be maternal. We will continue to use Meitler genetics as our industry faces new challenges because they are the right kind. - Lone Rock Ranch

Testimonial from Jack Evans, manager of EE Hereford Ranch of Mississippi and former President of the American Hereford Association.

"It's really refreshing in the era of EPD's, to have a real linebred maternal program like Meitler's to fall back on. The Meitler cowherd reminds me of the post rocks that are frequently seen in north central Kansas. It's time tested and reliable, and was designed with one purpose in mind - to be maternal."

"EE Hereford Ranch has used Meitler's 444 and 454 bulls with expected success. On a recent visit I got to see 223. He is the most impressive Meitler bull yet. He is over 2400 pounds, tremendously deep ribbed, great footed, and moves like a cat. His progeny are outstanding." - Jack Evans.